Series ✍️

Whenever I choose a topic to talk about but feels that a single post might not do it justice, I immediately think of making it into a series.

This way I get a whole lot more flexibility and room to go in as much depth as I feel needed without thinking that the post might become too long and hard to follow.

On the home page, the posts are displayed in the order of their appearance and my OCD is not really fond of it.

I like keeping things organised and this is the reason why this page was birthed. In here, you'll find all the posts on this blog that are part of a Series added under their appropriate series.

Spring Security 🔑

  1. Creating the service
  2. Overview
  3. Database user login
  4. OAuth Grant Types
  5. Github SSO
  6. Authorities and roles
  7. Method authorization

Test Driven Development 🟢 🔴

  1. String calculator #1
  2. String calculator #2
  3. String calculator #3

Kubernetes ft. Spring Boot 🚢 🍃

  1. Creating the services
  2. Deploying to Minikube
  3. Monitoring with Istio

Interview questions & answers 💯

  1. String Immutability & String Pool
  2. String comparison
  3. Final keyword
  4. Finally keyword
  5. Finalize keyword
  6. Equals & Hashcode
  7. HashMap Internals
  8. Exceptions & Errors
  9. Immutable class
  10. StringBuilder & StringBuffer
  11. Functional Interface
  12. Lambda Expressions
  13. Common Functional Interfaces
  14. Streams

Object Oriented Design 🧩

  1. Abstraction
  2. Encapsulation
  3. Inheritance
  4. Polymorphism